Gronk Tries To Prove Once And For All He’s The Ultimate Bro By Participating In A ‘Bro Combine’

gronk bro combine

YouTube - GQ

We’re off to a good start as Gronk shows that he is well-versed in his party fouls…

Newly-minted Madden cover boy Rob Gronkowski, who just turned 27 over the weekend, is always up for a challenge. So with that in mind GQ thought they would see if our boy still has what it takes to be the ultimate bro.

To find out, the folks who were responsible for Gronk showing his junk to SI Swimsuit model Hailey Clauson, put him to the ultimate bro test with a “Bro Combine.” You know, like the NFL Combine only with beer bongs, dancing, shirt-ripping and other, uh, bro things?

Hmmm, while some of the things in this “Bro Combine” seem legit, beer bongs, hello, I’m not sure how Gronk let them get away with some of the other “events” they had him doing. What’s up with all the shirt-ripping anyway? Did I miss that day in Bro class? Eh, he did get an A+ on the “Bro Wonderlic” so I suppose it’s all good.

Yeah, we’d definitely still give our left nut to party with him just once…