Check Out How Perfectly These Headlines Work When You Replace The Word ‘Bear’ With The Word ‘Gronk’


Bear Gronk

This morning, Twitter user @DragonflyJonez made this observation.


Is this true? At first glance, it certainly seems to be, but I figured I’d run it up against our robust bear coverage and see what we got. Spoiler: Gronk is a bear.

Japanese Game Show Puts Petrified Woman In Glass Box While Gronk Rolls Her Around Like Dice

Gronk Broke Into A Pie Shop And Ate 38 (THIRTY EIGHT!!) Pies

Science Predicts That If We Meet Aliens They’ll Be The Size Of Gronk, Which Is … Not Comforting

This Study Says That Women’s Periods DON’T Attract Gronk

Watch This Video Of Gronk Outrunning A Car And Think Twice Before Ever Trying To Outrun Gronk

Two Possibly Drunk Gronks Got Into A Brawl In Jersey, Wrecked Some Dude’s Lawn

Gronk In Dumpster Causes Network To Deploy News Chopper

Dude, Gronk Is Just Fucking Chilling

Yep. Works perfectly.