Watch Gronk Dominate And Score Three Touchdowns Vs The Steelers Because Gronk Is Unstoppable



Rob Gronkowski is an absolute beast. Dude is straight up unstoppable and that was evident on Thursday night when the New England Patiots took on the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL opener. Gronk absolutely dominated the game from start to finish with 5 catches for 98 yards and 3 TDs.

It all started with this 16 yard td in the second quarter.

Just a few minutes later, Gronk scored his second td with this six yard touchdown.

Then Gronk finished the game off in the 4th quarter when he went one on one against the Steelers linebacker and scored another td to seal the game. Gronk even gave us a shimmy right before his patented “Gronk Spike”.

You gotta love the guy. Off the field dude parties hard but when he’s on the football field, he’s all business.