Cycling Crash Goes From Bad To Worse When One Dude Almost Flies Off A Mountain Then Two More Try To Follow Him

by 4 years ago

The object of riding and/or racing on a bicycles is to continue moving forward at all times. If there comes a time that you are no longer moving forward when you are cycling then either the race is over, you’re at a red light (rare), your heart gave out, or your development has been arrested. In the case of the cyclist in this video he very well might’ve made that turn even though he was moving ridiculously fast, but he wasn’t even given the opportunity because a car was in the way, a car that he’d go on to t-bone. Then things go from BAD to WORSE when the motorcyclists (medics?) show up, further bottlenecking the traffic patterns. Once the motorcyclists show up all hell breaks loose:

You have to feel for the cyclists who were bamboozled by the cars and motorcycles. As stated in the title of this video ‘Guardsman’s Pass Tour of Utah’ this is a bicycling event, not a motorcycle + car event. I get that all the motorized vehicles were there to provide safety and support, but in the accidents capture in this video they did the exact opposite of that. I guess the alternative is that if the cyclists don’t hit those cars/motorcycles they then go careening off that cliffside and death is almost certain… Here’s that first cyclist recovering in his hospital bed:


And because you know I’m the GIF obsessed editor around here, let’s watch those horrific crashes once more in GIF, shall we?