The Guy in Boston Whose Car Was Flipped After The World Series Learned His Lesson

I don't know if Boston has a history of rioting, but nonetheless, what are you supposed to do? If I was living near Fenway, like hell I'd move my car. No matter what, I know I'd be hungover the next morning and I don't want to walk ten blocks before driving to work. And Boston's won a few championships lately. You think they'd be more sedate. 

I guess they were, because Duncan's was the only car in all of Boston flipped, a city of over several million cars. 

“It’s very confusing,” he said. “The only car flipped in the whole city.”

Actually, I don't feel bad for him, because if you read the whole story, you find that not only does he keep a $1,000 comprehensive deductible (stupid), he leased the car, so he has to pay an additional $1,500 in lease fees. This is a lesson to everyone. Always buy, and always keep your comprehensive deductible as low as possible (it doesn't affect your rates the way collision deductibles do). 

Plus, the Red Sox will probably pay for it in a PR gesture.

[H/T Huffington Post]
[Image via @abtran]