Guy Fieri Is Absolutely Convinced That He Somehow Helped The Warriors Sign Kevin Durant

We all know that the Golden State Warriors have assembled, arguably, the greatest starting lineup in NBA history now that they inked one-time league MVP Kevin Durant. But what we all might not be aware of is that KD’s decision to bolt the Oklahoma City Thunder to form the super team may have been impacted by Guy Fieri.

At least, according to Fieri, he honestly believes he had a hand in the Dubs landing Durant, per FirstWeFeast:

First We Feast: Steph Curry or Kevin Durant?

Fieri says: Unfair! [Long pause.] I can say it without being guilty because he’s now a Warrior: KD. It’s not an easy decision, and should have just as well not said anything. Steph is phenomenal. KD is phenomenal. They both have their uniqueness about them. Maybe I’m in the KD moment now because he’s coming to the team. I never…well, I shouldn’t say I never thought it would happen. I remember telling his agent during the Playoffs, “I know he’s coming up, you’ve gotta get him to Golden State.”

First We Feast: Wait a second—you predicted it would happen?

Fieri says: You can ask his agent, I said it to him during the Playoffs. I even have the text. I said, “It’s coming up, I want him, you gotta bring him.” And he was laughing—yeah, yeah, yeah—and he blew me off. [Then later on] I was away from my cell phone, out on the boat, and I was able to get a signal. In came a note from my buddy: “KD GS,” and I went arghhhhhh! I went and woke up the kids.

So there you have it, bros, if you want your favorite hoops team to land an all-timer, get Guy Fieri to meet with his agent and get a deal done.

[H/T Terez Owens]

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