Guy Tries To Hit An Apple Off A Stuntman’s Head With A Golf Ball To Painful Results


There are a few things I always refuse to do, and standing directly in front of someone hitting a golf ball — no matter how talented they are at the game — is one of them. This stuntman must have the completely opposite modus operandi. That, or he’s seen South African TV personality, Darren Maule hit a golf ball. Decided to put his eggs in the “this guy lacks fucking talent” basket and hoped that would save him from the agonizing pain of getting smoked by a golf ball.

He was wrong.

Darren Maule not only hit him with the golf ball, but he blasted him right in the thigh. The stuntman’s only saving grace was Maule’s not-so-powerful golf swing. Let’s not discount the fact that getting hit with a golf ball hurts regardless of the speed, but when you compare Maule hitting him to what a Tour Pro would have done to this poor fuck’s leg is like comparing getting shot by a BB gun to a .44 Magnum.

Maybe these two will try that for their next stunt.

Let’s watch the stupidity on repeat, shall we?



 [H/T Golf Digest]

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