The Guy Who Sucker Punched Dallas Goedert Speaks Out Claiming The Eagles Tight End Was Acting Like A Punk

Al Pereira/Getty Images

Two weeks ago, Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert attended a South Dakota bar that looked like it hadn’t changed its kegs since Bush was in office.

The 25-year-old South Dakota State product ended up on the grimy floor of Zoo Bar after what appeared to be the most unforgivable sucker punch since Shawn Michaels superkicked Mart Jannetty two decades ago.

At the time, Eagles beat reporter Mike Kaye claimed Dallas was at the bar with his family when he was sucker punched, completely “unprovoked.”

That is rarely ever the case, and puncher Kyle Hadala, who was hit was a simple assault charge, has a totally different story about how things went down.

Hadala claimed Goedert and his friends had been “harassing” his group at a previous bar for the choices they selected for the jukebox. If that ain’t South Dakota, I don’t know what is.

Via TMZ:

“They were extremely aggressive and disrespectful,” Hadala says.

The group moved to a new spot — the Zoo Bar — but Hadala says Goedert and his crew followed them with bad intentions. Very soon, according to Hadala, the situation escalated.

“They picked out my smaller colleague from the group, got in his face, and made very threatening remarks toward his personal well-being,” Hadala tells us.

“Then one of his crew told my other colleague, and I quote, ‘You’re just a fat f**king pussy. I’ll beat the s*** out of you.'”

Hadala would not stand for the fat-shaming, and decided this juncture was a good time to throw hands.

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