Haley Cavinder Revealed Her Biggest Red Flag When It Comes To Dating

haley cavinder dribbles basketball for miami

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Hanna and Haley Cavinder have been busier than ever since stepping away from the basketball court following their senior season at the University of Miami.

They have been traveling all over the place going to various events in addition to doing a little work for WWE.

The Cavinder twins have, of course, also being cranking out the content on social media like never before.

With all of that going on, one might think it would be easy to find someone to date. The opportunities to meet someone for the Cavinder twins are certainly much higher than for the average person.

However, according to Haley Cavinder, the dating scene is still a grind.

During the recent reboot of their podcast Twin Talk, Haley said dating for her is, like pretty much everyone, just “trial and error.”

“It’s really hard because everyone in my family is in a long-term relationship and they all have the ideal boyfriend,” Haley continued.

“Hanna’s locked in at seven years,” Haley said about her twin Hanna’s relationship.

“You’re just dating. Then I come back [home] … and I tell my mom and dad if I’m talking to an athlete or I’m into athletes… and everyone’s like, ‘Oh, when do we meet him?’ and I’m like, frick, ‘Don’t get too excited.'”

Hanna didn’t sound too sympathetic to her sister’s dating plight though, saying Haley is “only into athletes, so just it doesn’t end well for anyone.”

Tell that to the Jenners and Kardashians.

Haley then admitted “guys are doing too much. My biggest red flag, god I have a ton — an ick — our dad was super tough on us growing up, so I can’t stand any sense of softness in a male.

“If you are emotional or a lot — I’m not at all.”

The 22-year-old says one of the big things she looks for in a guy is respect.

“It takes me while to truly be like ‘Yeah, I like you, let me take time of my time to go see you,’ because we have so much going on — you know guys, like events and stuff. If I truly like you I gotta figure out a way to get to you,” she added.

So there you go, fellas. Shoot your shot.

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