Hammer Throw Goes Terribly Wrong, Man Takes Steel Ball To The Dong And Learns The Pain Of Childbirth

Hammer Toss Fail Nut Shot

Instagram / valerieadams84`

This is it, the absolute WORST CASE SCENARIO. No other accident in the hammer throw could be worse than what goes down. Taking that steel ball to the head would’ve been better than a straight on cock shot. That hammer throw fail most likely removed that dude from the gene pool by rendering his twig and giggleberries useless from then until the end of time:

And now that I’ve watched this video probably a good 50 times I’ve come to the realization that my biggest problem with this clip is that I can’t stop watching it. What does it say about me that I can’t stop hitting play on an Instagram video of the most atomic cock shot the world of Track & Field has ever seen? It’s not like I’m delighted by this clip, in fact I wince in pain every time it loops around, but I still can’t shut it down. What’s wrong with me? And am I the only guy around here suffering from from this problem?

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