Hank Azaria Brilliantly Uses ‘Simpsons’ Voices To Read An Umpires Reason For Ejecting Obnoxious Fan

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The other night during a Philadelphia Phillies-San Francisco Giants game, a Phils fan was ejected by home plate umpire Bob Davidson for being a little bit too rowdy and crossing the line while heckling the boy in blue. Davidson then explained his side of the story, saying the fan used various sexual innuendos and something about 69—which is hilarious.

What’s more funny is that Simpsons actor, Hank Azaria, read Davidson’s explanation while a guest on Rich Eisen’s radio show—IN FAMOUS SIMPSONS CHARACTERS VOICES!

Azaria’s one of the funniest guys in entertainment, so it’s hard not to applaud him here for using such skills to make fun of the entire fan ejection situation.

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[H/T The Score]

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