High School Catcher Has A Hannah Davis-Inspired Mask And I Can’t Believe His School Allows This

Adrian Garcia is a 15-year-old high school catcher in Kansas who has a brilliant plan to steal Derek Jeter’s girlfriend, Hannah Davis.

He’ll pay tribute to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model with this badass custom mask.

I don’t know if the school is cool with this, but we’ll soon find out as the picture spreads on the internet.

Garcia really he can win Davis’ heart. God bless him for his youthful optimism.

“Adrian is such a big fan that he carries a copy of the SI Swimsuit Magazine in his backpack at all times, in case he ever meets [Hannah Davis],” said Mitchell Garcia, Adrian’s father. “We live in the dang Midwest, and he still thinks there’s a chance!”

Expect a scathing takedown piece to appear on Jeter’s blog. The Captain isn’t just going to let this stand, even if the dude trying to swipe his gal can’t legally drive.

[H/T: Sports Illustrated]