It’s Impossible To Dislike John Harbaugh After Mic’d Up Video Explains Two-Point Conversion Decision

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  • John Harbaugh fell under fire for his decision to go for two in the closing moments of Sunday’s game against the Packers.
  • The team since released a mic’d up video that explained the call and it’s impossible to disagree.
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The Baltimore Ravens almost completed a 14-point comeback against the Packers on Sunday. They came up just short after choosing to go for two and the win instead of the tie in the final minute, and the decision has fallen under fire.

However, regardless of your opinion on the call, it is impossible to disagree with the decision or to dislike John Harbaugh after seeing him discuss the moment with his team.

Without starting quarterback Lamar Jackson due to injury, second-year quarterback Tyler Huntley brought the Ravens back with 42 seconds left. After cutting the deficit to just one point, Baltimore lined up for the two-point conversion and failed.

As a result, rather than tying the game and going to overtime, the Ravens lost.

Harbaugh sending his offense out there to go for two immediately came under fire.

After the game, Harbaugh explained what happened.

His answer was very simple. He thought that Baltimore could win it right there and then.

He also stood by his call.

“To me, that gave us the best chance to win,” Harbaugh said. “Because we didn’t win doesn’t make it not true. It’s still true now, just as true as it was then. It doesn’t always work out.”

Packers head coach Matt LaFleur also backed Harbaugh.

“If I were on that sideline, absolutely,” he said. “I absolutely would have [gone for it]. You know, that’s what I anticipated. That’s what we anticipated as a coaching staff that they were going to go for two if they were to score. . .sure enough they did it.”

Many people still disagreed, but after seeing Harbaugh discuss the decision with his team, it’s impossible. A mic’d up video from that moment showed the veteran coach walk over to his offense and ask them what they wanted to do.

He said that they could kick it and go to overtime or go for the win.

Huntley was confident in wanting to go for it and the team agreed. After the failed attempt, tight end Mark Andrews went over to Harbaugh and let him know that it was the right move and that he loved him.

After seeing what happened on the field, it is impossible to be upset with Harbaugh. And not only that, but, unlike his brother at Michigan, it’s impossible to root against him.