‘Hard Knocks’ Opened Episode With Expletive-Filled Speech By Jon Gruden About Dreams And Nightmares That Will Make You Want To Run Through A Wall

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Jon Gruden is the physical embodiment of “football guy” and that was evident in the first few minutes of tonight’s episode of “Hard Knocks’.

The series, which is following the Oakland Raiders this season, opened with an expletive-filled speech by Gruden about dreams and nightmares that would make anyone want to run through a fucking wall.

Everybody right now has dreams don’t they guys? Everybody has a dream about making it in the NFL, I got a dream of winning the Super Bowl, I got a dream of being in the pro bowl… I’m really not into dreams anymore, I’m into fucking nightmares, you gotta end somebody’s dream, you gotta take their jobs, you gotta take their hear, are you guys clear about this NFL shit right now, We’re not trying to go to the Peach Bowm, we’re not trying to go to the Gator Bowl, or the Blue Bonnet Bowl, we’re trying to go to the Super Bowl

The Internet ate up Gruden’s speech.

The Internet ate up Gruden’s speech.

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