Hawaiian Surfer Attacked By A Wild Boar In The Ocean While Trying To Catch Waves

Hawaiian Surfer Attacked By A Wild Boar In The Ocean While Trying To Catch Waves

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  • Hawaiian surfers encounter all sorts of creatures in the water including turtles, fish, sharks, dolphins, whales and seals but rarely wild boar
  • A Hawaiian surfer was attacked by a wild boar in the water that bit her board and left teeth marks, she initially mistook the boar as a seal
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It sure seems like somebody’s putting crazy pills in the water and wild boars are drinking it left and right. Some feral hogs took over a Texas neighborhood last week, singer Shakira had her purse stolen by wild boars at a park in Spain recently, and these absurd events all seem connected in my mind.

A surfer in Hawaii was catching waves at Kaena Point in Oahu and thought she’d spotted a Hawaiian monk seal. It wasn’t a seal, it was a wild boar that was swimming out there in the waves and when it caught sight of her it hauled butt straight at her and took a bite out of her surfboard.

One might expect to see sharks in the water. Seals could be around. Spotting whales in the distance isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Turtles are a regular sight in Hawaii. But a wild boar attacking a surfer is one of the most absurd encounters I’ve heard about this year.

Wild Boar Attacks Surfer In Hawaii

She believes the wild boar was chased into the water by local hunting dogs and the pig then got swept out into the surfing lineup by the strong current.

The surfing community had a whole lot of ‘surf boar-d’ jokes when this news broke.

I honestly have no advice here on how to best prepare yourself and stay say from wild boar while during. Stay vigilant? Keep your head on a swivel? If you hear any pig noises, paddle fast and catch the next wave.