Heated Golf Course Fight Goes Viral Without A Single Punch Being Thrown

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Golf is a strange game. It’s full of arcane rules that change without notice. And the point of golf is to play as little golf as possible each round.

One of the rules every golfer knows is you never hit into the group in front of you. Of course, that rule is broken hundreds of times every weekend.

Rarely is this rule violated intentionally. More often than not, a golfer hits into the group in front of them because they couldn’t see group ahead or they weren’t paying attention. But it’s always a heated affair when it happens.

This brings us to this viral golf fight where not a single punch was thrown, as first shared by Alex at Golf Digest. It’s all about the colorful language in this one and the ‘hold me back’ mentality.

Notice the balding guy who kept walking away and talking trash with his back turned. Dropping phrases like ‘yeah, mother f–ker, I will beat your a–. Yeah, mother f–ker, I will.’

This is the only dude out there without his shirt tucked in. He is the guy who drops Triple H’s signature ‘Suck It’ move. And is crying ‘learn how to play the f–king game’ as if every golfer alive hasn’t made a mistake.

Evidently, this hole and course appear to be wide open. There is like one tree total in the video. So it was most likely the golfer wasn’t paying attention and hit into the group but he argued ‘it wasn’t even close’.

The comments are great.

One person wrote “Guy ordered the last 3 pork missiles at the turn for himself.”

Another person commented “I’ve got 50 on red hat. He doesn’t know it yet but as soon as his switch gets flipped he mauls both. Without swinging a club.”

This comment sums up the feeling of this golf course fight “This is the kind of guy who tries to be the loudest to intimidate and start a fight then gets throttled and tells everyone to call the police while he’s picking himself up off the ground.”

I’m backing this commenter who said “To play golf you must first learn golf etiquette, so no matter this guys complaint, tuck in your shirt, put on a belt, and then break 90. Then you can tell someone to learn how to play the game.”

Don’t lecture someone on the rules when you’re out there looking like a slob. This is golf, not a rock concert.

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