Henrik Lundqvist Wore A GoPro, Showed How Hard It Is To Be A Goalie

New York Rangers goalie and heir to the Swedish crown Henrik Lundqvist is widely regarded as one of the NHL’s top netminders. He was kind enough to strap on a GoPro to show us just how difficult it is to play the position.

Lundqvist stones shot after shot in rapid succession and, most importantly, does not rip his groin. Your results would likely vary.

It’s important to realize that in a game situation a goalie also has to deal with large dudes intent on screening the hell out him. So imagine adding the not-being-able-to-see component to this process.

Fun times.

Now if only someone could find the GoPro video from when the Mighty Ducks tied Goldberg to the posts. That was truly the seminal moment in cage-defending history.

[H/T: GoPro]