Here’s What Ronda Rousey Can Do With Her Career If MMA Doesn’t Work Out…


Look, Bros. I get it. You’re sick of Ronda Rousey. But here’s what you don’t realize: She’s not going away. Ever. Because we live in an era where celebrities of her status don’t just become washed up no ones, forgotten by the cultural tides. Once you’ve achieved 2 million Twitter followers, 7 million Instagram followers, and 10 million Facenook page likes, your status in the limelight is long and bright. Hell, she’s hosting Saturday Night Live tomorrow night. That takes a week of behind-the-scenes work and charisma by itself. It’s not exactly something Joe Nobody off the street can do.

At the end of the day, she’s the biggest MMA star in the sport’s history. She doesn’t even need to fight at UFC 200 in July to continue being the biggest star on the planet. And when she’s ready to step out of the octagon forever — as long as she isn’t caught up in some scandal — she’s achieved enough of a celebrity status to continue landing television, film, and commercial deals for a lifetime. Let’s put it like this: The houses she’ll live in will always be bigger than your, Bross. That’s just how life goes.

So here’s a look at some of Ronda’s best on-screen moments. Who is ready to see her in the Roadhouse remake?

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