Here’s Your Chance to Win $50K With BroBible and DraftKings

Our new fantasy sports partner wants to improve your game. The site, which features daily fantasy sports games across all the major leagues, is offering a BroBible-tested, BroBible-approved contest that can put cold, hard cash in your pocket.

We’re calling it BroBible NBA Shot at $50k. There are 100 spots open and it costs only a dollar to play. Just ONE dollar.  You literally throw out more than that in change each week.  See if you can beat me and other readers in an all-out fantasy brawl. Bragging rights – and a real shot at life-changing cash – is on the line. The winner gets a ticket into DraftKings $150k NBA contest on March 27th, where first place will take home $50,000.  The top 20 in this BroBible contest will receive same-day payouts.  Get your spot now and get ready for the game on Friday.

It’s easy to play, easy to win, and hard to not love. Having money on the line immediately takes the sports-watching experience to a new level. Plus, you can prove once and for all that you’ve forgotten more about basketball than I’ll ever know.

There’s no reason not to play.  After entering the contest, all BroBible users are automatically eligible for a 100% Deposit Bonus.

Spots are limited, so sign up now.  Let’s do this thing.