I Fell Out Of My Seat After Watching High School Baller JaShaun Smith’s Disgusting Windmill Jam From The Foul Line

Whether you’re 5-8 like me and can barely touch rim on a Little Tykes hoop or a giant who can slam on a 10-foot hoop with little effort, you’ve to to be impressed as hell with this jam that high schooler JaShaun Smith recently pulled off.

With some of the best hang time I’ve ever seen, Smith—who’s committed to Longwood University, which is a hilarious name—is showing that he might be a future NBA Dunk Contest champ if he can keep doing shit like this.

I mean, damn, to be able to take-off from the free-throw line, float for a few seconds while in-flight and then pull off a windmill is one of the most craziest jams ever—and he’s only 18 years old!

I wonder if investing in some of those Strength shoes would allow me to do something like this? If so, I’m adding them to my Christmas List.

[H/T Bleacher Report]