High School Basketball Game Ends With Absurdly Low Score: ‘The Coaches Should Be Fired’

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Tuesday night in Oklahoma, 18-1 Weatherford took on 2-3 Anadarko in a boys high school basketball game for the ages.

Weatherford, ranked number three in Oklahoma’s Class 4A rankings, struck first with the first points of the game to give them a 2-0 lead, which stood until halftime. Not the two point, mind you, the score, 2-0.

That’s right. The two teams combined for two points in the first half… in a high school basketball game.

In the second half, Weatherford and Anadarko went on a scoring spree.

Weatherford was first to get on the board, knocking down another two point shot to stretch the lead to 4-0.

Later, Anadarko stole the ball and was able to cut the score to 4-2.

Annnnnd… that’s how the game ended.

Anadarko did almost pull off the massive upset, as they had a good look at a three-pointer at the end, but missed.

In case you didn’t guess, there is no shot clock in Oklahoma high school basketball games.

Last month, the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association (OSSAA) board of directors did almost vote to implement one beginning in 2024-25, but it lost the vote 7-7 when the president’s tiebreaker was against the move.

Interestingly, Anadarko head coach Doug Schumpert, a member of the Oklahoma Coaches Association Hall of Fame, addressed the idea of a shot clock last month with Scorebook Live.

“It would be interesting to see if you could sit down and watch some games with a clock right there, to see how many times would the clock go off in games right now,” Schumpert said. “The OSSAA has said they’ve done that at the state tournament and there’s not very many games where the shot clock would go off.

“But where it would affect things more than anything would be at the end of a quarter, end of a half, end of a game, where there’s two minutes left, with teams pulling the ball out and holding the ball. I don’t know if it would speed up our game that much. People are shooting the ball more than we used to; I think the game is pretty quick.”

After Tuesday night’s 4-2 debacle, many fans would disagree.

“The absurdity here is that, like, whatever the shot clock rule, is the defense just hanging back and letting the other team do this? Is there no 5-second rule either?” someone else asked.

“Honestly, if this pushes a shot clock in Oklahoma… give them a raise,” another fan suggested.

If, for some reason, you want to watch this snoozefest of a high school basketball game, just go to the 1:46:00 mark of the game video here.

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