Quick-Thinking High School Defensive Tackle Intercepted Opposing Quarterback’s Intentional Spike Attempt

I have always wondered why no one in the pros or college has ever tried this. When you watch it on TV it seems like it could be possible to pull off. Then again, when I watch a 90mph pitch on TV I think, “I could hit that. Yeah, I could totally make contact with that shit,” when, in reality, I can barely hit a 60mph lob at the fucking batting cages.

Point is, when things happen at game speed it’s much faster than we give it credit for. But after watching this video, where a Brian Zahn, a defensive tackle for Gillett high school intercepts an intentional spike by Sebastian Atwood of Crivitz, I’m beginning to believe again.

As insane as that play is, what I find more insane is the game’s box score. Not one conventional extra point was attempted. What the hell is up with that? Do high schools not kick extra points anymore? I just moved to the burbs and I need to get current on this stuff. My ability to make small talk in my new barbershop depends on it.

[H/T Next Impulse Sports]