Insane Video Shows Random Car Make Crazy Catch Through Window While Driving Past HSFB Game

Live Oak High School Football Waco Texas Field Goal Car Drive By Catch
Live Oak Classical High School

Live Oak Classical in Waco, Texas does not have the best high school football team in the country. The Falcons are 1-3 in 2023 and lost their game against the undefeated Gordon Longhorns by 50 on Friday.

Although its on-field performance was not particularly encouraging, the game itself saw plenty of points scored. 66 in total, to be exact.

One of those points stood out in particular. Not because of anything that happened on the gridiron.

Rather, because of the hilarious sequence of events that occurred after the ball left the field of play. It probably will not happen again, ever.

Live Oak plays six-man football at Falcon Field, which backs right up to South 5th and South 6th streets. There are no nets on either field goal, which makes for an interesting scene when either team goes to kick.

Falcon Field Waco Texas Live Oak Classical High School
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On Friday, onee of Gordon’s extra points made for the best reception of the evening on happenstance.

The kick was good and went soaring through the uprights out toward the street. An SUV just so happened to drive by the field in that specific moment with its windows down.

As the kick reached the street, it landed directly in the out-stretched arms of whomever was sitting in the passenger seat. He or she caught the ball in “stride” without the car ever slowing down!

Here is a cleaner look at the unbelievable sequence of events:

The Longhorns had a big night to move to 4-0, but their strong outing was overshadowed by the remarkable drive-by reception. Plenty of people in Waco will surely see this video and try to recreate the candid video, but there is a good chance that it never, ever happens again!

Crazy. The catch of the game had nothing to do with the high school football game itself!