This High School Football Field is Nuts

The school, which specializes in rehabilitating at-risk youths, is located in Utah. One would think flashy things like this would be explicitly outlawed by the state’s puritanical lawmakers.

You can see the baseball field also has a neat design in it.

My high school football coach would be furious. If there’s one thing he hated around his program, it was frills. One time a teammate was drinking bottled water. OLE COACH called him a gay and made him run four miles. Another time our running back pointed to the sky after scoring a touchdown. You would have thought he’d murdered the baby Jesus judging by the pulsating vein in Coach’s neck.

Unsurprisingly, Coach would die a few years later of a heart attack while mowing the lawn.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this is a fancy field. 

[H/T: Prep Rally]