High School Football Teams Wearing Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness Get Into Massive Brawl

I’m not sure what caused this all-out brawl between players of Daniel Boone High School and David Crockett High School, but I’m sure it was sparked over a heated debate on which school’s namesake was the better American pioneer. It all went down during the 44th annual Musket Bowl in Tennessee between the Daniel Boone Trailblazers and the David Crockett Pioneers, where both teams wore pink to raise awareness for breast cancer. The rival squads battled all game long, but Daniel Boone marched to a 23-16 victory over David Crockett, and that made it 12 straight years that the Trailblazers won the Musket Bowl. It appears the losing streak got to the Pioneers because after the game during the goodwill handshakes, an epic donnybrook erupted. But hey, at least someone got their face bashed in for a good cause. Coaches as well as Washington County Sheriff’s Deputies were forced to break up the huge melee. There was no truth to the rumor that the fight started because the Trailblazers were jealous that the Pioneers got to wear the all-pink jerseys and they had to wear white jerseys with only pink in the numbers.

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