High School Outfielder Makes A Grab That Will Blow Your Mind, Delight Your Soul


Garry Hill, a high school outfielder in Arkansas, channeled his inner Superman by laying out for this ridiculous sprawling grab. The real star of the video, however, is the cameraman, who is clearly a big fish trapped in the small pond of filming high school baseball.

It’s stuff like this that makes me happy that “going viral” wasn’t a possibility during my glory days. God, I’d have been insufferable had my play been featured on SportsCenter. Like, more insufferable than I already was.

The point is, I’m not sure any of my baseball games were ever filmed — even by an overzealous father. For that reason — and that reason alone — is why most of my claims of athletic greatness are doubted.

So consider yourself lucky, Garry, that you’ll always have hard evidence of your fleeting greatness.