Former High School Football Player Shows At Coach’s House, Tries to Bite Off an Ear

Authorities say a former player attacked a western Pennsylvania high school football coach at his home, biting the coach so badly he needed 60 stitches to repair his ear.

Police and Sharon coach Jim Wildman say they can't explain why 38-year-old Joseph Koscinski barged into the coach's home Sunday.

Now, we all have our own high school football horror stories. For instance, I once had a coach who made us push a car up a hill while it was in neutral. All was going well until one guy slipped, ruining our leverage and sending the car into a shallow ditch. Instead of realizing that he’d concocted a poor drill, dear old coach made us run until we puked.

That’s how you build fucking character.

It’s only been 10 years, but as far as I know, no player has gone to this guy’s house to feast on his flesh. Perhaps he should be watching his back.

Anyone out there want to play psychologist and take a guess at the story behind this savage attack?

I’m sure the attacker had a good reason.

[H/T: AP]

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