This High School Punter Launching A 100-YARD BOMB Really Must Be Seen To Be Believed



On September 21st, 1969, at Mile High Stadium in Denver, Jets punter Steve O’Neal set the NFL record with a 98-yard punt that went from his own one-yard line to the Broncos’ one-yard line.

Frankton High School senior Jack Rogers, who is averaging more than 43 yards per punt this season, kicked one even farther this past weekend.

Punting from his own eight-yard line, Rogers boomed a kick that traveled about 70 yards in the air before coming to rest in his opponent’s end zone. Sadly, his 100-yard boot only got credit for being 92 yards officially, but still, freaking amazing.

I hear the Buccaneers are already thinking of taking him in the first round in a couple of years.

Here’s Steve O’Neal’s record-setting NFL punt for some comparison…

Oh, by the way, the college football record for the longest punt is 99 yards set by Pat Brady of the University of Nevada back in 1950.