High School Student Section Invents The Cruelest Free-Throw Distraction Ever, It Works To Perfection

Over the history of free throw distractions, there have been plenty of good ones before. There has been the Speedo Guy—who became a fucking legend for his dancing and man thighs during a UNC-Duke game years back—the Arizona State 942 Crew, which, well, is ruthless in distracting opponents, and then there are the kids of Sheridan High School in Thornville, Ohio.

While the 942 Crew does hilarious things like the above to throw off opposing shooters, Sheridan kids may have even outdone the college students in what they pulled in a recent game—and it worked to fucking perfection.

Could you imagine stepping to the charity stripe and trying to concentrate as a couple hundred people pretend to deliver a baby. Good luck trying not to laugh or block that out.

Who knows if Sheridan will continue to up the ante in games from here on out, but, take note student sections, because the bar has been raised and this is the best of the best right now.

[Bleacher Report]

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