Masturbating in the Film Room and Other Highlights from GQ’s Profile of NFL Insider Jay Glazer

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To others, he's just an MMA meathead. But one thing is certain. He's got scoops and he's got stories. GQ's Drew Magary did a profile on him this month and while it's worth a read, here are the highlights. 

Glazer broke the Barrett Robbins bailing on the Oakland Raiders story while riding in a limo with a bunch of girls heading to a Styx concert. 

The first time Jay Glazer landed a big Super Bowl scoop, he was in San Diego in a limousine headed to a Styx concert, drinking beer and surrounded by about ten women.“I get a call … and my source says, 'You may want to get out of the limo. [Raiders center] Barret Robbins lost his mind and left the team. Not playing tomorrow, and apparently he's down in Mexico.' Then I get a call back from someone in the [Raiders] locker room who says, 'You calling about B-Rob? We are going to freaking kill him if we see his ass. We are so pissed off.' And then somebody else called. And then, boom, boom—I've got my three sources.”

“I said, 'Ladies, as much as I want to hang with you, I've got to go.' “

The Patriots' Spygate tape has lots of ass and titties (this one via Deadspin).

The Spygate tape starts out with the Pats mystery cameraman ogling tits before spying on the other team. When Glazer got the tape, “I jumped up to God and said, 'Thank you, my best friend God almighty in heaven!' The crazy thing is, in the first part of the tape, you're watching, and it's nothing but, like, tits and ass. For a while he's zooming in on the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders, or the Jets City dancers. Then, all of a sudden, boom, it clicks over.

Glazer gets a lot of scoops he can't report on.

The information that he makes public represents roughly .001 percent of what he actually knows. “One player one time got suspended for ExtenZe,” he says, referring to the bullshit penis-enlarging pill. “The guy that they caught doing it—the guy had the biggest dick in the locker room already. So I had to talk to him, like, 'You already have the biggest dick—why are you taking ExtenZe?' “

He knows about a time someone quit the game entirely after being caught masturbating in a film room. 

They have, like, a computer room where the guys can go study film. And somebody caught him. Pants right down, going to town. And I guess he caught wind that they were gonna make fun of him, and [snaps his fingers] gone. He quit football. Never went back. Man up, man! It's not like nobody else does it!”

Glazer also seems to want to fight a lot of NFL starting quarterbacks.

That unrelenting intensity has nearly brought him to blows with more than one big-name NFL player, Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger among them.

“We almost got into it once at the Tahoe Championship [golf tournament].”


“Just him. He's an asshole. He was just being a dick. He was just being demeaning to me. I told him to go fuck himself.”

At the Pro Bowl in 2007, Glazer got into a shouting match with Peyton Manning after Manning made a lighthearted wisecrack to Glazer about New York Giants legend and ABC-talk-show co-host Michael Strahan's divorce. (Glazer and Strahan are best friends.)

“I took it the wrong way,” he tells me now. “So I said, 'FUCK YOU, PEYTON. Fuck you.' I was just fucking screaming at him, yelling at him: 'I'll beat your ass. Don't fucking treat me like a bitch, don't talk about my friends and their fucking problems. I don't give a shit who you are, okay? We're fucking men. Just because you play football and I don't does not make you any more of a man and does not mean you could beat my ass, because you cannot.' It was pretty surreal. All of a sudden Peyton's like, Aw, what did I get myself into?”

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