Guy Bets A Literal Fortune On The Cardinals Who Proceed To Crush His Dreams In Historic Fashion

Guy Bets A Literal Fortune On The Cardinals Who Proceed To Crush His Dreams In Historic Fashion

Getty Image / Matthew Stockman

I’ve made some foolish bets in my time. Whether it be chasing Europa Conference League soccer games in European cities most people have never heard of or betting Tour de France results based on nothing more than their names.

I won’t begin to understand the reasons other people place massive bets. Sometimes they’re just feeling lucky. Other times they’ve read the tea leaves and have decided the universe is sending them a sign based on favorable odds and recent history. Then those people proceed to get absolutely crushed and sometimes those bets get shared with the public…

Case in point, this person who bet over 5x the average American salary on the Cardinals to win. Then the Cardinals proceeded to lose in historic fashion, at least that’s how we’re led to believe it went down according to Darren Rovell’s tweet.

What on earth was this St. Louis Cardinals bettor thinking?

The St. Louis Cardinals had -120 odds and were favored by 1.5 runs against the Rockies on Tuesday night. The over/under in the game was 11.5 runs. How’d that go? Well, the Rockies scored 3 runs in the bottom of the 1st inning and followed that up with 9 runs in the bottom of the 3rd inning to go up 12-0 in the 3rd. All while someone was sitting there with a $264,000 ticket stub in their hand watching the Cardinals get absolutely shellacked.

Fellow degenerates had a grand time discussing this outrageous bet that blew up in someone’s face…

Imagine betting $264K on a Tuesday night. I honestly can’t.

Definitely the latter here:

The Cardinals fell to the Rockies 16-5. Colorado put up 22 hits in the game that featured 4 home runs. Quite a night in Denver.

I’m still having trouble wrapping my mind around losing $264,000+ on a Tuesday night baseball bet. Personally, I prefer parlays in hopes of something like this happening…

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