Sports Betting Promos: A Step-by-Step Guide To Using Promo Codes

Sports Betting Promos: A Step-by-Step Guide

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There has been over $138 billion placed on sports wagers since 2018. That means $92 million has been spent each day on sports betting. Sports betting is an industry that is growing in size and popularity each day.

If you are interested in sports betting, you are joining at the right time. Since 2018, the industry has been evolving each year. Sports betting can be done at your fingertip in several states.

If you are starting in sports betting and want to utilize promotions and sign-up discounts, continue reading. Sports betting promos offered by sportsbooks for new users could land you a lot of money.

Why Are Promo Codes a Thing?

Short and simple, sportsbooks need promos and bonuses to bring in new users. It’s the same thing with any store. If you are shopping online you will receive a discount percent for shopping for the first time.

Each online sportsbook is competing with the other to get the most users. They can achieve their goals by offering the best bonuses and incentives. By having the most users, they will simply be able to put their competitors out of business.

These bonuses are made with the bettor in mind. They are creating these opportunities for new bettors to receive rewards. This is good for new bettors looking to get into sports betting.

Several promos will allow new bettors to make money immediately. This is what the sportsbooks want. They want new bettors to receive the rush of winning their first bet so they come back to place more bets.

What Are Sports Betting Promos?

In the sports betting industry, sportsbooks will try to get new users. In doing so, they will offer new users incentives to sign up. Each sportsbook will have different offers that equal different amounts of money.

A sports betting promo can come in many different shapes and sizes. However, some of the most common are deposit matches, referral bonuses, odds boosts, or risk-free bets.

Deposit Match Bonus

A deposit match bonus is one of the best sports betting promos. This promo will occur when you make your first deposit to a certain sportsbook. No matter if you win or lose, the sportsbook will give you all your money back from the first deposit.

However, these matches are not for an unlimited amount of money. Most sportsbooks will have a limit on how much they will match. A common amount is $250.

Odds Boost

An odds boost is a great sport betting promo. An odds boost promotion is among the best sports betting tips. These promos will are likely to give you a large amount of money.

An odds boost works in a simple way. The odds of a certain wager have been increased. Usually, these bets are likely to happen because it is your first deposit. Sportsbooks will choose easy bets for an odds boost as a promo to keep new bettors coming back.


A referral is the easiest way to receive a bonus from a sportsbook. All you need to do is send a sports betting promo code to a friend when they sign up. If they use your specific code, you will each receive a reward.

Usually, the rewards are in the form of site credit. This is not money that you can withdraw from the account but can instead use on a bet. If you win the bet, the money can be taken out of your account.

Betting Risk-Free

A risk-free bet is the best sports betting promo you can receive. It is incredibly common and used across all major sports betting sites. This promo will allow you to bet on any game and receive a full refund.

It doesn’t matter if your bet wins or loses, you can place a wager knowing that you will get your money back. Similar to a deposit bonus, sportsbooks will have a limit to what they refund.

However, unlike deposit match promos, a risk-free bet can be upwards of $1,000 on certain sites. That means that you can bet $1,000 and get it back no matter the outcome of the wager itself.

Specific Sports Promos

Towards the beginning of any sports season, sportsbooks will usually have specific promos. These promos are put in place to bring in new users for the upcoming season.

For example, with the US Open approaching, DraftKings has released a promotion. For new users, you can place a $5 wager on certain outcomes and immediately win $100.

Sportsbooks will commonly have sports betting promos surrounding a championship as well. In the NFL, the Super Bowl has the most bets out of any game. Because of this, betting sites will create promos to entice new users to place a bet with them.

No matter what sport you like to bet on, you can find promo codes or deals for them. If you want to make the most out of promos, join several sportsbooks at the beginning of a certain season. That way you can enjoy the benefits of being a new user at several betting sites.

Take Advantage Today

Sports betting promos were put in place for new bettors. If you are a new bettor, take advantage of the amazing deals! There are several types of sports betting promos and all of them are made to benefit you.

If you want to get the most out of being a new user, sign up at several sports betting sites. This way you will receive several promos and bonuses. Gamble safely and responsibly.

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