Cover Your Eyes And Watch This Hockey Player Get Hit Within Inches Of His Life


There were times when I was younger that I really thought hockey would be the sport for me, but after seeing this devastating hit during a Swedish Tier II game, I’m glad I didn’t go with that dumbass instinct.

With a short pass intended for Kim Karlsson, the guy was sort of left out to dry by his teammate, who saw an opposing player brutally crush Karlsson to the ice, snapping his neck back and as he fell to the ice.

The hit was so massive that Karlsson had to be taken to a local hospital for X-Rays for a “serious concussion.”

Here’s a longer version of the play to fully understand how nasty the hit was:

Hopefully it’s nothing more than just the concussion and some minor aches for the next few days because, wow, this could have been a hell of a lot worse for Kim Karlsson.

[H/T Yahoo! Sports]

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