This Hockey Shootout Goal Attempt Is So Awful You’ll Clench Your Butt Cheeks

This is the worst shootout attempt ever. In the entire history of hockey no shootout attempt has come close to being this bad, and it’s not even up for debate. Based on the evidence above, this is the worst attempt at scoring in hockey, or any other sport that involves goal scoring, but it gets worse. The player trying to score the goal isn’t just any player, he’s the team captain (Marko Milovanovic). And that isn’t just any shootout, it’s a shootout at the 2015 International Ice Hockey Federation World Championship Division II between Serbia and Spain.

The official stats sheet from the game between Serbia and Spain doesn’t even come close to painting a picture of the shame and embarrassment that took place on the ice. Though Serbia actually won the game (4-3), Serbian team captain Marko Milovanovic has already been inducted into the Sports Bloopers Hall of Fame after he tripped in the middle of the ice, ate crap, and the goalie leisurely sauntered out there and grabbed the puck. Here is Marko Milovanovic’s cringe-worthy attempt once more in GIF:

No matter how many times you watch that GIF of Serbian captain Marko Milovanovic falling down on the ice, it doesn’t get any less funny or awkward. I’d feel badly for the guy if it wasn’t the best hockey blooper I’ve ever seen.

Something like that MIGHT be excusable at the PeeWee Hockey level. I’m talking kids so young it’s straight out of this episode of ‘South Park’:

Maybe then a player would be forgiven for falling down like that. But not the 27-year-old team captain of a national team, and not in a world competition. At that level is just becomes the worst shootout attempt in the history of hockey.