Holly Holm Met Jay-Z And Had To Ask His Wife’s Name…WAIT, WHAT!?

Holly Holm

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

After her earth-shattering knockout of Ronda Rousey on Nov. 15, Holly Holm’s world has turned into a VIP media tour like none other. It saw her this past Saturday at the Canelo Alvarez-Miguel Cotto middleweight championship bout in Las Vegas, where she happened to cross paths with Jay-Z and, ummmm, that girl who is his wife…whom Holm had a brain fart and had to ask what her name was. WHAT!?

Skip forward to the one-minute mark of KRQE News 13‘s interview with Holm for her retelling of how she managed to forget Queen Bey’s name.

Okay, I get it. Even the new reigning UFC bantamweight champ is still capable of being nervous now and then, but how can you forget Beyoncé’s name!? She’s the one and only! With a super distinguishing name at that!

You’re the one knocking people out with swift kicks to the head giving them brain damage, not the other way around, Holly Holm!

Sheeeesh, at least Jay-Z let it slide.

[H/T Fox Sports via KRQE News 13]