What Is Holly Sonders’ Net Worth? Here’s How Much The Reporter-Turned-Influencer Has Racked Up

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If you’ve spent enough time on the internet over the past few years, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Paige Spiranac, who first made a name for herself as a member of the golf team at the University of Arizona before becoming one of the most unavoidable golf influencers on the internet after failing to make the leap to the LPGA.

Spiranac has expertly gamed social media to skyrocket to viral fame on the back of her well-established Personal Brand, but you could argue she can credit a good chunk of her success to following in the footsteps of another notable name in that particular sphere: Holly Sonders.

Sonders played golf at Michigan State while earning a degree in journalism. She worked at a number of local news outlets before really bursting onto the scene in the early 2010s after landing a gig with the Golf Channel, where she covered various events as an on-site reporter in addition to hosting Morning Drive and Golf School. 

In recent years, her personal life has come to overshadow her professional life.

Sonders briefly dated Kliff Kingsbury in 2019 before turning her attention to “Vegas Dave,” the professional gambler she got engaged to at the end of that year.

The couple called it quits a few months later, but it didn’t take long for Sonders to find a new partner in the form of Oscar de la Hoya, who has probably been a bit too candid when it comes to sharing his admiration for his girlfriend.

While she may no longer grace the airwaves with the frequency she did in the previous decade, Sonders appears to be doing pretty well for herself when you consider how much money she’s reportedly been able to rack up over the course of her fairly interesting career.

What’s Holly Sonders’ net worth? Here’s how she’s made her money

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As mentioned above, Sonders got her start on the Golf Channel but eventually defected to Fox Sports in 2014. She remained with the network for four years, but the two parties ultimately parted ways after her on-air role was minimized in 2018.

Sonders still had a pretty large platform thanks to the sizeable Instagram following she’s managed to accrue. She’s leveraged that platform to promote a number of personal ventures, like the fitness app she launched in 2020.

You don’t have to spend too much time scrolling through her profile to realize Sonders is very familiar with the kind of content the majority of her followers crave, and she’s profited in a big way; in 2021, she revealed the OnlyFans she’d started had generated 20 times the money she was earning while working at the Golf Channel.

Sonders has also reaped the benefits that come with dating one of the most accomplished boxers of his time; in 2022, de la Hoya casually gifted her a Ferrari that costs around $1 million as a Valentine’s Day gift.

The nature of Sonders’ career means there aren’t any public records we can look at to try to get a definitive idea of her net worth. With that said, a number of online sources state it’s likely somewhere between $6.5 and $8 million.

There’s a chance that number could get even higher if Sonders is able to generate enough interest for Exposed Sportz, as she’ll be serving as the founder and CEO of a company that hopes to lure in viewers with the promise of the “hottest, fittest girls on the internet competing head to head in your favorite sports.”

Only time will tell how that will pan out, but she’s certainly been doing something right.

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