Holly Sonders Says She Makes Twenty Times More Money Off OnlyFans Type Subscription Website Than Her Golf Channel Salary

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Former Fox Sports sideline reporter and Golf Channel host Holly Sonders has made the full transition to becoming an online model and the move has apparently been quite lucrative.

Back in December, Sonders started her OnlyFans type subscription website that featured more risque pictures than what you would see on her Instagram page.

According to Sonders, she made the move away from broadcasting because she just wanted to work for herself.

Via NY Post

“[I] spent 10 years, [ages] 21 to 31, on national TV,” Sonders told The Post. “It was a great experience, but at some point, you kind of want to work for yourself. And the way that the world changed, especially with COVID, everybody’s just kind of doing their own thing, but the goal is always to work for yourself.”

“I’m very proud to have succeeded and worked so hard to make it to that position,” Sonders said of her broadcasting career. “And the way the world changes and has changed, it’s all digital, it’s all going to social media and you can have your own audience every single day.”

During a recent Instagram Q&A Sonders revealed she currently makes twenty times more from her subscription website than her Golf Channel salary.

(Screencap via EgotasticSports )

Seems like Holly is happier doing what she’s doing now than when she was working on TV.


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