Holly Sonders Releases Details On New Sports League Featuring Instagram Models & ‘The Most Beautiful Women You’ve Ever Seen’

Holly Sonders on the red carpet

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Holly Sonders’ new sports league that will feature Instagram models playing sports has a release date.

Earlier this year, Sonders teased the league in an Instagram post that read, “The Golden Girl Lingerie Sparring League will break all PPV records lol.”

Sonders would later describe what her new league would consist of in a series of Instagram posts.

“Imagine your favorite IG babes….going head to head in competition. Sweaty. Oiled up. 💋 That’s what we’re doing at Exposed Sportz

“Trust that we will have the HIGHEST QUALITY production for your viewing pleasure,”

We were able to talk to Sonders about her new sports league, and she provided details on when it’s going to be released and what her role is going to be.

What is Eposed Sportz?

Holly Sonders: “Over the past three, four years, I made my dearest friends are, you know, Instagram models, social media models, and gotten to know them really well, and I was like, why don’t we all come together and do something really fun? So I created a sports league, and our first shoot is May 18, and I have the best glamour photographers coming in. I’ve got some of the best sports photographers coming in for the best footage.

“I have ten girls, and we’re going to play seven, eight sports. And when I say sports, some of them want to play basketball or bowling or tennis, but there’s also ping pong, and there’s also twister and stuff, fun stuff like that. And these are girls who make most of their money on only fans or an only fans type of site, whereas some of these girls are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month making their content. And they used to be investment bankers, and they were nurses and just found out they can make more money doing this.”

When does it come out?

Sonders: “The first week of June is when it’s going to come out. We’re shooting the first one here in Vegas May 18th at a private location. I’m not going to reveal yet who the girls are, but I already have the roster set for the first two months, and everybody I’ve asked so far has been like, hell, yes. All the girls I’ve asked have all accepted, and if they’re like, if I can’t make this date, I’m on the next one. So I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

What is your role? Are you the commissioner?

Sonders: “Yes, I’m the Roger Goodell of the Exposed Sportz League and just overseeing it, making sure the girls are having fun, that they’re safe, number one. Um, you know, it’d be it’s very different, a woman owning this league as opposed to a man starting it. You know, just how people would view that. I want us all to come together, make money, get some great content, and have a good time. So, yeah, I’m the commissioner, and my lead creative is also a woman, one of the greatest photographers, I think, in the world.”