Hollywood Brown Takes Shot At Baltimore Ravens’ Offense

Arizona Cardinals star Hollywood Brown

Getty Image / Christian Petersen

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Hollywood Brown threw shade at the Baltimore Ravens’ offense.

Brown forced a trade from the Ravens last offseason because he wasn’t happy with their offense.

The upcoming NFL season looks like it will be a rough one for the Arizona Cardinals. Their roster may actually be worse than it was for their 4-win 2022 season after letting DeAndre Hopkins and they will be starting the season without Kyler Murray.

They are expected to finish with the worst record in football and aren’t currently favored to win any of their games.

It seems that isn’t enough to worry one of their biggest stars.

While speaking to the media earlier this week, Hollywood Brown was asked if he is concerned about the Cardinals’ offense.

He revealed that he isn’t because he played in Baltimore.

“Not really. I mean, I played in Baltimore,” Brown said. “I played in Baltimore, so I’ve been in it. When I met with these guys and they told me their philosophies and their thought process, I was like, OK, I can work with it, and this is something that we need as a team, and we can thrive in.”

The Baltimore Ravens’ offense is the reason that Hollywood Brown is currently a member of the Arizona Cardinals.

Brown spent the first 3 seasons of his NFL career playing receiver for the Ravens after they drafted him 25th overall.

Unfortunately, he ended up playing in one of football’s most run-heavy offenses and wasn’t really able to live up to expectations until year 3.

Now he’s with a Cardinals team that has plenty of things holding back their passing attack, but those things might not necessarily hurt Brown.

He was heavily targeted in his first year with the team, especially without Hopkins.

Even if the team runs the ball more with Murray out, which might not even be possible because of game script, he should still be a target hog in a passing attack without a ton of competition.

Starting the season with Colt McCoy at quarterback certainly isn’t ideal for the Arizona Cardinals, but Hollywood Brown won’t be worrying about it.