This Hooters Girl’s Attempt At Throwing A Baseball During Spring Training Game Is An Error Of Epic Proportions



Ah, yes, spring training is in full swing, with the smell of the dirt, crack of the bat and the sounds of the ballpark reminding us that the MLB season is just a few weeks away.

While I can’t wait for Opening Day, it’s clear that some people on the baseball diamond in Florida or Arizona need to dust off some of the cobwebs after a winter of hibernating—and I’m not just talking about the baseball players.

Take this Hooters ballgirl, for instance, whose attempt to throw a baseball is about as pathetic as yours or my attempt at hitting on her had we been chowing on some wings at Hooters.

They might not score errors on ballgirls, but they might want to start because this is A-W-F-U-L! Poor girl, maybe try loosening up that arm next time.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]