Very Hot Olympic Hopeful Fails Spectacularly With Javelin Throw In U.S. Olympic Trials

Despite stroking one nightly, I’m far from an expert on the sport of javelin-ing. I know that one must throw a sharp stick as far as they can without impaling a spectator, the javelin must be thrown overhand, and the thrower cannot turn his/her back on the throw to produce more torque. That is the extent of my knowledge. Despite my superficial understanding of the sport, I know for a fact that this toss by Utah State’s Chari Hawkins does not produce the best result.

Hawkins, a former Mountain West Conference champion in the event, threw a duck in Saturday’s javelin event in the heptathlon for the U.S. Olympic track & field trials. The woman’s world record for javelin throw is 72.28 feet, set in 2008. This toss fell far short.

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Chari finished 15th in the trials, but remains #1 in our hearts.

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