The Houston Rockets Fired Their Social Media Manager Over This Tweet



You have to feel for now-former Houston Rockets digital communication manager Chad Shanks. His team is headed further into the playoffs, but he’s now without a job thanks to a tweet suggesting… an emoji horse being taken out of its misery with a gun? I don’t know how that’s offensive at all, but OK.

Unreal that the tweet above during last night’s series-winning game against the Mavericks caused so much backlash. Today the Rockets fired there social media manager over the funny, innocuous tweet above.

And then there was the retraction:

He chimed in on his account:

Something tells me he’s not going to be without a job for long:

There is more outrage that Shanks was fired than the outrage from the oversensitive wimps who got fussy over the content of the tweet itself.

It’s scary how soft America has become. Twitter is absolutely ridiculous.

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