Houston Texans Fire Staff Member Who Had Close Relationship With Deshaun Watson In A Move That Is ‘Not Sitting Well With Players’

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The Houston Texans front office is cleaning house and it could make things worse with Deshaun Watson.

On Sunday morning ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the Texans angered players after firing several staff members including equipment manager Mike Parson, who had a close relationship with Watson.


As speculation continues to swirl regarding Watson, the Texans have moved ahead by making sweeping organizational changes. This past week, they dismissed director of football administration Kevin Krajcovic, equipment manager Mike Parson and his staff and another longtime employee, Doug West.

Parson was said to have a close relationship with Watson, and these changes aren’t sitting well with players.

One player privately commented to ESPN that the Texans are weeding out employees who were not hired by executive vice president Jack Easterby and new general manager Nick Caserio, replacing them with employees who will be indebted to them for their work.

These changes are not expected to help the situation with Watson, who has asked the Texans to trade him.

Despite the fact that Watson has told the team he wants out of Houston due to his frustrations with not being involved in the team’s hiring process, the Texans are insisting that they’re not going to trade him.

Watson still wants out of Houston and does not want to play for the Texans any longer, according to sources. But no matter how many calls they receive on Watson, the Texans insist they will not trade him, according to sources.

Other teams around the NFL have gotten that message and now they are waiting to see if the Texans’ stance will change, but sources both within and around the organization told ESPN that their position will not change.

It’s unclear how the Texans-Watson situation is going to end but it seems like things are going to get uglier before the official start of the offseason.

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