The Texans Are Reportedly Telling Rival NFL Execs They’re Not Trading Deshaun Watson Despite His Public Trade Request

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The Deshaun Watson-Texans could end up getting real awkward soon.

Earlier in the week, Pro Football Talk’s Chris Simms reported that Watson was done playing with the Texans and was willing to sit out the season if the team didn’t trade him.

I’ve been led to believe this—that there’s no way that Deshaun Watson will play for the Houston Texans again,. “I have been told by somebody that I trust that says ‘Deshaun Watson will not play for the Houston Texans ever again, and he’s willing to sit out football for the year if he has to.’ That’s where I’ve been led to understand this situation and where it’s at right now, and like I said, it’s someone that I trust very much.”

According to Bleacher Report’s Kalyn Kahler, the Texans have told two high-level execs that they’re not going to have conversations about trading Watson.

Via Bleacher Report

According to two high-level executives from different teams in the quarterback market, Texans brass have told interested teams that they will not be having any conversations about trading Watson.

“We’ve been told ‘no’ from them directly,” one of the executives said.

Interested teams are putting plans together, he continued. “But I don’t think the Texans are listening.”

The second executive said he isn’t sure what to make of Houston not wanting to talk about a Watson trade. There’s new leadership in town, but the organization has been such a mess.

“It’s Houston right now,” he said. “They don’t have any rhyme or reason on what they have done over the last year-and-a-half.”

iF Watson does indeed follow through on his promise to sit out the season if he doesn’t get trade it could end up costing him a lot of money.

It’s going to be interesting who flinches first between Watson and the Texans this offseason.

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