Houston Texans’ Devon Still Reveals His Daughter Leah Has Conquered Cancer

Devon Still Leah Still

On Tuesday, Houston Texans’ defensive tackle Devon Still proudly shared some wonderful news with the world. The former Cincinnati Bengal and Penn State alumnus tweeted out that his 5-year-old daughter Leah is now cancer free. Is it dusty in here?

That’s the best news you’re sure to hear all day, no doubt.

ET Online recalled young Leah’s heroic bout with the cancer, and the ESPY she won for such inspiring perseverance in the battle.

Leah was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a cancer that affects the nerve cells, in June of 2014 and given a 50 percent chance to live. Since March 2015, after a successful surgery to remove the tumor, she has been in remission.

The former Cincinnati Bengals NFL player was awarded with an ESPY Award in July for his and his daughter’s perseverance. Still accepted the award as Leah remained at home recovering from chemotherapy treatments.

“I know you wish you could be here, but I know you’re watching,” he said. “I just want to thank you. From the moment you [were] born, you molded me into the man I am today. I always used to dream about how I was going to be able to show you so much about life, but in the five years I’ve been with you, you’ve taught me more about life than I could ever do.”

Way to go, Leah! We’re all so proud of you today, and wish you continued success at anything you want in life. You and your father are truly an inspiration to pediatric cancer patients and their families nationwide, and your conquering of this horrible disease breeds hope for all those out there fighting similar battles.

#LeahStrong, through and through.

[h/t ET Online ]