Canadian Sets World Record For Farthest Ride On Hoverboard And It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before We’re All Hovering Around

There’s a new Guinness World Record in hover boarding — though I had no idea a world record in hoverboarding actually existed — and it’s 900 feet set by Catalin Alexandru Duru.

Duru’s board uses a series of propellers (think of your drone) to hover 16.4 feet in the air and traveled a measured distance of 904 feet and 2 inches over Quebec’s Lake Ouarea.

This advancement in hoverboard technology can only mean one thing — we’re just years away from getting around on hover boards. In the next ten years we could be hovering to class, to work or to the bar. A DUI while hoverboarding will be a legit concern. There will be hover board dealerships, commercials and even hoverboard sports league.

I heart the future.

[via UPI]

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