Jimmy Garoppolo Earned A Small Fortune After Trey Lance’s Tragic Injury And Stands To Make A Lot More

Jimmy Garoppolo Earned A Small Fortune After Trey Lance's Tragic Injury And Stands To Make A Lot More

Getty Image / Thearon W. Henderson

The San Francisco 49ers suffered a major setback to their 2022 season plans in Week 2 when starting quarterback Trey Lance suffered a tragic and nasty ankle injury that reportedly requires season-ending surgery. There was an immediate outpouring of love and well wishes for Trey Lance after he was carted off the field, but the game went on and backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo came into the game.

Trey Lance suffered his (likely) season-ending injury with 2:20 left in the first quarter and former starting QB Jimmy Garoppolo came into the game. This came after a LONG offseason of trade rumors swirling around Jimmy G that culminated in a restructuring of his contract.

By (1) coming into Week 2’s game to replace Trey Lance, (2) playing at least 25% of the snaps, and (3) the San Francisco 49ers winning the game, Jimmy Garoppolo earned an extra $350,000 on Sunday alone. And he now stands to earn a lot more throughout the rest of the season.

How Much Money Jimmy Garoppolo Earned After Taking Over For Injured Trey Lance

According to Sportrac, Jimmy Garpoppolo has a base salary of $6,500,000 for the 2022 season. Jimmy G also has a $1,400,000 signing bonus, $441,176 roster bonus, and $600,000 workout bonus.

Then there’s ‘$5 million’ listed under miscellaneous which is where Jimmy stands to get PAID this season as the starting quarterback should things go well. His potential bonuses (via Sportrac) are:

* $250,000 per game where he takes 25% of snaps ($100,000 more per win)
* $500,000 with 50% snaps in a playoff game
* Extra $500,000 with 50% snaps in the NFC Championship game
* Extra $500,000 with an NFC Championship win
* Extra $1M with 50% snaps in the Super Bowl

Jimmy told reporters ‘it feels good’ to earn that $350K

Garoppolo earned $350,000 for playing over 25% of snaps in Week 2 and another $100,000 for the win. He stands to earn an additional $350,000 for every game he plays this season where the 49ers win.

On top of that, if Jimmy Garoppolo takes the San Francisco 49ers to the Playoffs (again) he will start earning even larger bonuses.

It’s wild that we’ve arrived at this point after an entire off-season discussing which team Jimmy G would get traded to. It’s great to see Jimmy having another chance to show that he’s a good quarterback and deserves a starting spot in the league, it just would’ve been great to see this happen without a Trey Lance injury as the catalyst.

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