HS Football Player Airlifted To Hospital After Being Struck In The Face With His Own Helmet

A football on a kicking tee.


A Florida high school football player was airlifted to the hospital last week after an ugly on-field incident. On the play, the offensive player became the victim of a vicious attack.

Defender Gavin Lambeth of Blountstown tackled Ethan Lipford of Marianna in what appeared to be fairly routine on-field action. It quickly turned scary when Lambeth began slamming Lipford’s head into the turf.

After a few shots, the defender ripped Lipford’s helmet off and used it as a weapon, smashing the protective equipment into the defenseless player’s face.

Be warned, the footage is graphic.

Reports say that Lipford had to be airlifted off the field and taken to a Tallahassee hospital. He has since been discharged.

Lambeth, meanwhile, was ejected from the contest immediately after the altercation. It’s been stated that he will receive an automatic one-game suspension due to the Florida High School Athletic Association rules regarding flagrant personal fouls.

He will now await any further punishment deemed suitable by the FHSAA.

High school football fans were quick to react to the shocking scene as they posted responses online.

“I’m sure charges will be filed,” one follower wrote to which the original poster replied, “They should be. This kid was in the hospital.”

“Out of football, forever,” said another person.

“This isn’t an athlete caught up in the heat of the game… this is felony assault,” this social media user commented.

“Absolutely disgusting,” someone else said.

After being checked into the hospital, Lipford was evaluated for concussion and facial injuries. He reportedly could not communicate or walk under his own power following the attack but is now home.