Gambler Turns $10 Into An Unreal Payday By Only Betting The Under On A 14-Game Parlay

huge college football parlay unders 2021

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  • A gambler turned $10 into nearly $80,000 courtesy of a 14-game college football parlay
  • The wager was particularly bold when you consider every single bet was on the under
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The college football season officially kicked off with a bang over the weekend and provided fans across the country with plenty of chances to make some laughably bold assumptions about how the year is going to play out based on an incredibly tiny sample size.

With that said, we may have already been treated to what could end up being the craziest bet of the year courtesy of a gambler who apparently does not believe in the notion that life is too short to bet the under.

Before the slate of games kicked off, the unidentified bettor threw down $10 on a 14-leg parlay on Wynn’s online sportsbook and stood to take home a cool $79,935.70 if every single contest ultimately hit the under. The individual odds were essentially each a coin flip, but by the time Monday night’s game between Ole Miss and Louisville rolled around, the wager was still alive after the first 13 games came in under the predicted total.

In order to cash in, the gambler needed the two teams to combine for less than 75.5 points. When the final whistle blew, the Rebels walked away with a 43-24 victory over the Cardinals and the gambler walked away with an unreal payday thanks to the 67 points on the board.

Must be nice.

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