How Picking Up His Kids From School Cost Hulk Hogan Over $150 Million

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Fate is a funny thing. So is opportunity. This is a story about fate, opportunity and a couple hundred million dollars lost because Nick and Brooke Hogan couldn’t take a bus home from school.

What Culture did a post about the ten worst moments in Hulk Hogan’s career. Did he make ten movies? They have to account for most of the mistakes right? Anyway, number two on the list is a nugget of info about an product endorsement that didn’t land in the Hulk’s orange colored lap.

Keep in mind this is long before cell phone, constant contact with people and the ability to reach a person anywhere at any time.

Here’s the story from The Hulkster.

“George Foreman and I had the same agent. I went to pick my children up early from school…when I came home I checked my answering machine and my agent said ‘hey, Hogan, I’ve got a grill and I’ve got a blender, which one do you want to pick? I’ll call George and ask him since you’re not home.’ So when I got home I said what’s up with the grill and the blender and he said ‘George picked the grill because you weren’t home’ so $400 million later we’ve got the Foreman Grill…and I’ve got the Thunder Mixer…George has joked about it on several occasions and I would knock him out if I could.”

Ouch, brother. The blender wasn’t as big a seller as the Foreman grill, which went on to make Old George a millionaire a couple times over. George reportedly earned over $150 million selling burger burners.

But don’t feel bad for Hulk Hogan. He’s still worth an estimated $26 million dollars.

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